Having a dedicated server, you’re going to get a standalone real server, used by you and you solely. Watch 1stEZ’s video display and discover how a dedicated web hosting plans provided by 1stEZ will benefit your websites and ventures.

With a dedicated server from 1stEZ you’ll get a server, created with verified, reputable and effectively tried hardware parts. This way, we aim to minimize all prospective hardware problems, which can be common with new and untested computer hardware. Also, all dedicated servers may be found in our USA datacenter, which offers unequalled connectivity, power and cooling options.

With each of 1stEZ’s servers, additionally you can opt for the OS. We provide you with CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu, three of the very most firm and safeguarded Linux distributions, that are out there. Furthermore, every one of them offers significant support communities, which will help you clear up any problem you find.

With each and every dedicated server, you will additionally have a lots of complimentary bonuses. You will get 3 unique dedicated IP addresses, a 100% free billing software plus a free of cost domain name reseller account. And in case you select Debian, you too can make full use of 1stEZ’s free of cost Hosting Control Panel, which in turn by itself is filled with loads of no charge website tools.