In case you host your internet sites on a dedicated hosting server, you would expect that they'll perform extremely fast and that the access speed to them will depend exclusively on the Internet connection of the visitors. However, this is not going to be the case in case the hosting server has lousy network connectivity or employs a network card, which just can't cope with high volume of website traffic. If this is the situation, it will take a very long time for your internet sites to load if a lot of people open them simultaneously or visitors might even see error messages. Because of this you might lose site visitors as probably many people won't return to your website if they have experienced problems or slow loading speeds. This is why you must pay attention to the network components of any new server which you purchase and not only to the main hardware which includes Processor, RAM or hard drive.

Server Network Hardware in Dedicated Servers

The dedicated web hosting plans that we offer include gigabit network cards that are tested along with all other hardware parts before and after any new machine is assembled in order to make certain that we will not use a faulty part which could cause a problem after some time. We also take advantage of the most up-to-date hardware for our internal network within the Chicago data center where we offer the dedicated plans. This includes routers, switches and hardware firewalls that could easily deal with massive inbound and outbound traffic to any server, whilst any traffic that isn't legitimate will be filtered and won't use up your system resources. The constant access to the center is made sure by using redundant backbone Internet providers. In this way we guarantee the fast and secure connection to all of our servers, which means your internet sites and apps will be working at top speed at all times.